Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 9968

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9968. On my arrival there the actual planet did not appear, only spirits from that planet; for as I have noted several times previously, the spirits of each planet appear around their own planet. One reason for this is that being of differing character or disposition spirits differ as to their state of life (difference of state in the next life sets people apart, while likeness of state draws them together); and another more important reason is that they may be present with the inhabitants of their planet who are like themselves in character or disposition. For no person can live without spirits, and everyone has like spirits linked to him, see 5846-5866, 5976-5993. Those spirits appeared in a position very high above head-level, from where they had a clear view of me coming.

[2] It should be remembered that those positioned high up can have a clear view of those who are below, and that the higher they are, the wider their view is; and not only do they have a clear view of them, they can also speak to them. They observed from where they were that I was not from their planet but from somewhere else far away. Consequently they addressed me from up there, asking about various matters to which I was also allowed to reply. Among other things I told them what planet I was from and what it was like. After that I spoke about the planets in our solar system, and at the same time also about the spirits of the planet Mercury, who are allowed to wander around to very many planets, gathering items of knowledge about different things, as is their delight, see 6808-6817, 6921-6932, 7069-7079. On hearing this they said that they too had seen them among themselves.

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