Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 7830

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7830. 'Speak to all the assembly of Israel, saying' means influx bearing instructions for all belonging to the spiritual Church. This is clear from the meaning of 'speaking' as influx, dealt with in 2951, 5481, 5743 (its further meaning as giving instructions - about the observances to be kept when they are delivered - is evident from what follows); and from the meaning of 'the assembly of Israel' as all truths and forms of good in their entirety. 'The assembly of Israel' is used to refer to all the tribes, by which all aspects of truth and good, or all aspects of faith and charity, are meant, see 7858, 7926, 4060, 6335. And as these are meant [by 'the tribes'], 'the assembly of Israel' means the spiritual Church, 6337; for truths and forms of good make the Church. For the representation of the spiritual Church by the children of Israel, see 6426, 6637, 6862, 6868, 7035, 7062, 7198, 7201, 7215, 7223.

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