Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 7170

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A group of spirits belonging to Mercury once appeared on the left in the shape of a ball, and after that in the shape of a scroll. I wondered where they wanted to go, whether towards our planet or another one, soon after which I noticed that they turned themselves round to face the right, and then rolled up close to the planet Venus, to the side away from the sun. But when they got there they said they did not wish to be there because the people were bad. They therefore bore round to the other side of that planet which faces the sun, where they then said they wished to stay because the people there were good. After their arrival I felt a remarkable change in my brain and powerful action as a result of it. From this I was led to conclude that the spirits belonging to Venus who lived on that other side of the planet were in tune with the spirits belonging to the planet Mercury, and that they correlated with the memory of material things. This memory harmonizes with the memory of immaterial things that the spirits belonging to Mercury constitute. This is why I felt the more powerful action by them when they were there.

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