Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 6923

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6923. On another occasion I saw a great number of that kind of spirits, but these were some distance away out in front, slightly to the right. They talked to me from there, but they did so with the help of intermediary spirits; for their speech, flowing as fast as thought, cannot be converted into human language without the help of intermediary spirits. And what surprised me, their words were full and rounded even though they spoke all together and yet with no less promptness and speed. Their speech sounded to me like a wave because there was a large number of them speaking simultaneously; and what was remarkable, it made its way towards my left eye even though those spirits were on the right. The reason for this was that the left eye corresponds to knowledge of things separated from their material associations, thus things that belong to intelligence, whereas the right eye corresponds to things that belong to wisdom. Displaying the same promptness as they did when speaking those spirits also perceived and formed judgements of the things they heard, saying, This is so, that is not so. Those judgements were formed by them almost instantaneously.

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