Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 546

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546. So that I might know about those people who desire to enter heaven but are not such as can exist there, an angel once appeared to me as a young child while I was present in a heavenly community. He had a garland of bright blue flowers around his head, and flowers of other colours twined around his breast. From this I was given to understand that I was present in a community where charity reigned. Into that same community certain upright spirits were at that point admitted who, the moment they were coming in, developed greatly in understanding and spoke like angelic spirits. Subsequently those who wished to be innocent from themselves were let in. Their condition was represented to me as an infant vomiting milk out of its mouth. That is exactly what those people are like. After that, people were admitted who imagined that they were self-intelligent. Their condition was represented in their faces, which looked quite beautiful but pointed. On their heads they seemed to be wearing pointed hats with a sharp peak. Their faces however did not look like faces of human flesh but like lifeless carvings. This is the condition of people who believe they are spiritual from themselves, that is, who believe that from themselves they can possess faith. Other spirits were admitted who were unable to remain in that place. They were dismayed, grew uneasy, and fled from there.

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