Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 2872

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2872. The freedom that exists in heaven however originates in the Lord. All angels in heaven possess it. It goes, as has been stated, with love to the Lord and with mutual love, and so with an affection for what is good and true. The nature of this freedom becomes clear from the fact that everyone who possesses it communicates from inmost affection his own blessedness and happiness to another, and that to him it is also blessedness and happiness to be able to communicate these things. And because all the angels in heaven are like this, every angel is consequently the focal point of the forms of blessedness and happiness of all, and all are at the same time recipients of those of each individual. This communication itself is effected by the Lord by means of wondrous inflowings within a form beyond one's comprehension which is the heavenly form. This shows what heavenly freedom is and that it originates in the Lord alone.

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