Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 1879

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1879. Once when in bed I was told that evil spirits were plotting against me, intending to suffocate me, but because I was in the safe care and keeping of the Lord I ignored those threats, and went to sleep. But in the middle of the night, having woken up I had the sensation of breathing not from myself but from heaven, for as I clearly perceived there was nothing of my own breathing present. At that point it was declared that a conspiracy was afoot and I was told that it involved spirits who hate the interior things of the Word, that is, the truths of faith themselves, for these constitute the interior things of the Word. They hated these things because they were contrary to their own illusions, persuasions, and desires, to which the sense of the letter might lend support.

[2] After their attempt had failed, the leaders then tried to enter the inner parts of my body and to penetrate through to my heart, into which they were also allowed to enter. All along I perceived what was happening from an unmistakable sensation of it, for everyone whose interiors which belong to the spirit have been opened is enabled at the same time to perceive such things within his physical senses. But I was brought at that point into some kind of heavenly state, one in which I made no attempt to drive away those [unwelcome] visitors, still less to avenge the wrong that had been done. They now said that there was peace but shortly after this they were seemingly deprived of rationality, and began to breathe revenge and to complete what they were intent on doing. But it was all in vain. At length they dispersed of themselves.

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