Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 1869

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How many things are contained within a single expression of the Word has been demonstrated to me by an opening up to view of the ideas that comprise thought. In the next life this can be done - it being one of the marvels there - in so vivid a way that the ideas themselves may be seen in visible form, thus as coloured images so to speak. The ideas belonging to one who had led a life of charity or mutual love, and who during his lifetime had taken great delight in the Word, were opened up to view in that manner. Countless things that were beautiful were seen, together with those which were movingly delightful and pleasant. I was told that the things which are seen within such visible forms may be opened up further again as to their interiors, and once these have been opened, that still more beautiful and delightful things are manifested, together with those that constitute happiness itself. All angelic ideas are such, for they are laid open from the Lord Himself.

[2] To spirits who were surprised that in the next life the ideas comprising thought can be opened to view in such a manner, this matter was illustrated by taking as an example the sight of the eye, of which the powers of vision are so dull and dim that the smaller things of the natural world which have countless details in them are not seen except as something opaque, black, and patternless. But when the same objects are looked at under a microscope, things that are more interior are brought to view, linked one to another in a lovely sequence, and flowing in a delightful order. At the same time it was recognized that those objects too could have been opened up further still by a more powerful microscope. This illustration made clear the nature of internal sight, of which the powers of vision are nothing other than ideas; for in themselves those ideas are so gross that scarcely anything more gross is able to exist in that sphere, though man thinks otherwise. But more regarding ideas will in the Lord's Divine mercy be stated later on.

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