Conjugial Love (Acton) n. 127

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127. VIII. BUT THAT THERE IS A CORRESPONDENCE WITH CONJUGIAL LOVE, SEMINATION, PROLIFICATION, THE LOVE OF INFANTS, AND SIMILAR THINGS WHICH ARE IN MARRIAGES AND FROM THEM. But these matters are too arcane to admit of entering into the understanding with any light unless a knowledge of correspondence has preceded. Wherefore, unless this knowledge is disclosed and is present in the understanding, the matters belonging to the present article, howsoever explained, are apprehended in vain. As to what correspondence is, and that there is a correspondence of natural things with spiritual, this has been abundantly shown in THE APOCALYPSE REVEALED, also in THE ARCANA CAELESTIA, and specifically in THE DOCTRINE OF THE NEW JERUSALEM CONCERNING THE SACRED SCRIPTURES, also in detail in a Memorable Relation respecting it, which is to follow later [see no. 326]. Until knowledge concerning it has been acquired, it is only before an understanding which is in shade, that the following few statements will be set forth, namely: That conjugial love corresponds to the affection of genuine truth and to the chastity, purity, and holiness thereof; that semination corresponds to the potency of truth; that prolification corresponds to the propagation of truth; and that the love of infants corresponds to the protecting of truth and good. Now because truth in man appears as his own, and good is adjoined to it by the Lord, it is evident that these correspondences are correspondences of the natural or external man with the spiritual or internal man. But some light will be thrown on these subjects in the Memorable Relations which follow.

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