Conv. with Angels (Whitehead) n. 1

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One evil contains in itself innumerable lusts, interior and exterior, of which man knows nothing.

All these are removed by the Lord, while man looks to the Lord, and shuns evil as of himself.

Illustration by various examples with man, as of the stomach, the kidneys, the members devoted to generation.

There is no need for man to know of these.

Evil appears to man as one, and nevertheless they are in all lusts, interior and exterior, thus in successive order, but they are in the evil in simultaneous order. This also must be illustrated.

Man is not purified by shunning evils solely on account of civil and moral causes; because by this he is purified only as to externals, but not as to internals.

Thus no one is purified by the faith of the present day, which promotes only civil, moral and political works.

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