Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 9582

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9582. In a state when I was wide awake I was conveyed by the Lord as to my spirit by means of angels to some planet in the universe, accompanied by certain spirits from our own globe. The journey took us off to the right and lasted two hours. As we neared the edge of our solar system, there appeared first a whitish but thick cloud, and then fiery smoke rising up from a large chasm. It was a huge gulf separating our solar system or world on that side from certain other worlds out in space; and that fiery smoke could be seen from rather a long way off. I was being carried across the middle when there appeared underneath in that chasm or gulf very many people, who were spirits (for spirits appear all in human form and in actual fact are people, 322, 1881). I also heard them talking to one another there. But where they were from and what they were like I was not allowed to know. One of them however told me that they were guards preventing spirits from crossing over from our world into some other in the universe, unless access had been granted.

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