Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 938

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938. THE HELLS - continued Here, the hells of the avaricious; then the filthy Jerusalem and the robbers in the desert. Also the utterly foul hells of people who have lived wholly engrossed in the pursuit of pleasures.

Avaricious people are the most disgusting of all, giving less thought than anybody else does to the life after death, to the soul, and to the internal man. They do not even know what heaven is, for the level of their thought is lower than everybody else's. Their thoughts they plunge and immerse completely in bodily and earthly interests. Consequently when they enter the next life they are for a long time unaware of the fact that they are spirits, but imagine that they are still entirely in the physical body. The ideas comprising their thought, which from their avarice have become so to speak bodily and earthly, are converted into direful delusions. And what is unbelievable but nevertheless true, the disgustingly avaricious in the next life seem to themselves to be working away in cells where their money is, and where they are infested by mice. But no matter how they may be infested they do not leave until they are tired out, and so at last roll out of those tombs.

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