Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 823

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823. Whatever a person has done during his lifetime gradually reappears in the next life, and so does whatever he has thought. When enmity, hatred, and deceit reappear, so also do the persons against whom he has harboured hatred and plotted in secret. They are brought into his presence, and indeed in an instant. This kind of presence in the next life will in the Lord's Divine mercy be discussed later on. The thoughts too which he has harboured against those persons are plainly visible, for a perception of all thoughts exists there. This leads to states that are wretched. Concealed hatred there bursts out into the open. With people who are evil all their wicked deeds and their thoughts visibly reappear in this manner. But the same does not happen to those who are good. All their states are states of good, friendship, and love, accompanied by supreme delight and happiness.

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