Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 7175

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7175. After some time I was shown a woman from among the inhabitants of the planet Mercury. She had a beautiful face, though it was smaller than that of a woman belonging to our planet; she was also slimmer, but the same height. On her head she wore a piece of linen, arranged not artistically but nevertheless tidily. A man too from that planet appeared before me; he also had a slimmer body than men belonging to our planet have. The man I saw was clothed in a dark blue garment, close fitting without any tucks or pleats here and there. The inhabitants of that planet give little thought to their bodies, as was clear to me from the fact that when they enter the next life and become spirits they do not wish to appear as people, as spirits belonging to our planet do, but as globes made of crystal. The reason why they wish to look like this is in order that they may banish material ideas from themselves. For knowledge about non-material things is represented in the next life by rock crystals.

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