Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 6925

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6925. Spirits who belong to the planet Mercury do not remain in the same place or within the sphere of spirits belonging to one solar system but wander throughout the universe. The reason for this is that they are associated with the memory in the Grand Man and that memory needs to be enriched constantly. This is why they have been allowed to wander about and acquire items of knowledge wherever they go. If on their travels they meet spirits who love material, that is, bodily and earthly things, they flee from them and take themselves away to a place where they do not hear about those kinds of things. From this one may recognize that their mind is raised to a level above the senses and that they see things in a more inward light. This too I have been allowed in actual fact to perceive when they have been near me and talking to me. I have noticed at such times that I was removed so far from the level of the senses that the light coming into my eyes began to grow feeble and dim.

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