Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 6813

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6813. When spirits belonging to Mercury go to other communities they seek to discover the things they know, and having discovered them they depart. Besides there exists among spirits a spirit of sharing which is such that if they are in a community in which they feel accepted and loved they share everything they know. And they do it not by the use of any kind of speaking but by influx. Because of all the knowledge they have acquired the spirits belonging to Mercury are extraordinarily proud of themselves, on account of which I have told them that although they know countless numbers of things there is nevertheless an infinite number they do not know, and that even if the number of things they know were to go on increasing for evermore they still could not attain an acquaintance with even the broadest outlines of things. I have gone on to tell them that they have pride and a high opinion of themselves, and that these are unbecoming. But they have replied that it is not pride but merely exultation because of the power of memory they possess; and in this way they are able to excuse their faults.

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