Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 640

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640. That 'planks of gopher' means lusts, and that 'rooms' means the two parts of this man - that of the will and that of the understanding - nobody as yet knows. Neither can anyone see in what way they possess such meanings unless it is stated beforehand what the situation was with that Church. As stated quite often, it was from love that the Most Ancient Church knew anything that was a matter of faith, or what amounts to the same, it was from a will for good that it possessed its understanding of truth. But their descendants by heredity also derived a condition in which evil desires belonging to the will prevailed with them, desires in which they also immersed doctrinal matters concerning faith, and as a consequence became the Nephilim. When therefore the Lord foresaw that mankind would perish eternally if it continued in such a condition, He made provision for the will part to be separated from the understanding part, and for man to be formed, not as he had been formed previously by a will for good, but by having charity conferred on him through the understanding of truth, such charity looking very much like the will for good. This new Church called Noah came to be of such a nature, and so was of an entirely different disposition from the Most Ancient Church. In addition to this Church others also existed at that time, such as the one called Enosh dealt with already at Chapter 4:25, 26, and others again of which no such mention or description has come down to us. Only the Church of Noah is described here because it was altogether different in disposition from the Most Ancient Church.

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