Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 5850

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5850. The truth of the matter is this: Beginning in the Lord and coming by way of the spiritual world into persons and things in the natural world there is both general influx and particular influx. General influx passes into whatever exists in a state of order, particular influx into whatever does not exist in a state of order. Animals of every kind live in the order of their own nature and therefore receive general influx. The fact that they live in the order of their own nature is clear from their knowing at birth all they need to know, so that they do not have to receive any training to acquire it. But human beings do not live in a state of order or in accordance with any laws of order. Therefore they have the particular influx into them; that is, they have with them angels and spirits through whom that influx comes. If human beings did not have the angels and spirits with them they would plunge into every kind of wickedness and hurl themselves instantly into the deepest hell. By means of those spirits and angels a person is kept under the Lord's guidance and control. If human beings lived in the state of order in which they were created they would love their neighbour as themselves; indeed they would love him more than themselves, as the angels do. But the human being loves only himself and the world, and hates his neighbour, except so far as he - his neighbour - indulges him, letting him take control and giving him the world. Since therefore the way people live is totally contrary to heavenly order the Lord rules them by means of separate spirits and angels for each one.

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