Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 5068

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5068. The reason the Lord calls Himself 'the King' in the following words - 'When the Son of Man comes in His glory, He will sit on the throne of [His] glory.....Then the King will say to them' - is that the Lord's kingly rule is Divine Truth, on which judgement is based and in accordance with which it is executed. But the basis and execution of judgement in the case of the good is different from what it is with the evil. Because the good have accepted Divine Truth, the basis on which they are judged is good, and so mercy; but because the evil have not accepted Divine Truth, the basis of their judgement is truth, but not mercy, for the reason that they have cast mercy aside and as a consequence are constantly casting it aside in the next life. The acceptance of Divine Truth implies not only possessing faith but also expressing that faith in action, that is, making what doctrine teaches a matter of life. These are the reasons why the Lord calls Himself 'the King'. The Lord's kingly rule consists in Divine Truth, see 1728, 2015(end), 3009, 3670, 4581, 4966.

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