Invitation to the NC (Buss) n. 29

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29. The things which are related of me are not miracles, but testimonies that I have been introduced into the spiritual world by the Lord for the sake of ends which . . . Reasons why miracles do not take place at this day. . . . Further, from the Lord's words in Matt. xxiv. Concerning the miracles of Anthony of Padua, and of many who are worshipped as saints, of whose miracles the monasteries are full. Concerning the miracles of Paris, concerning which there are two volumes in 4to.* * Francois de Paris, who is referred to here and in "Invitation to the New Church," no. 29 and 55, and in Swedenborg's letter to Venator, was a Jansenist. The miracles at his tomb in the cemetery of St Medard, Paris, led to petitions for his canonization. See the volume entitled Recueil des Miracles Operes au Tombeau de M. de Paris, . . . Diacre, MDCCXXXII. The petitions were ignored. The first of the two volumes referred to by Swedenborg was published in 1737, and bears the title, La Verite des Miracles Operes par l'Intercession de M. de Paris. Demontree contre M. l'Archeveque de Sens. Ouvrage dedie au Roy par M. de Montgeron Conseiller au Parlement. A Utrecht chez les Librairies de la Compagnie, MDCCXXXVII. The second volume, without the dedication to the King, and referring also to the Convulsionnaires, was published in 1741. A third volume followed in 1747. See article by the Rev. E. J. E. Schreck, in The New-Church Review of Boston, Mass., U.S.A., for October 1906.

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