Last Judgment (Chadwick) n. 34

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34. It can be established that the equilibrium between heaven and hell begins to be destroyed when a church comes to its end by considering the fact that heaven and hell come from the human race (on which see the appropriate chapter above [14-22]). Since people then rarely come to heaven, and many go to hell, evil grows on the one side at the expense of good on the other. For the growth of hell produces a corresponding growth of evil; and all the evil a person experiences comes from hell, all the good from heaven. Since at the end of a church evil grows to outweigh good, the Lord then judges all, the wicked are separated from the good, and everything is restored to order; a new heaven is set up and also a new church on earth, thus restoring the equilibrium. This then is what is called the Last Judgment; more on this in what follows.

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