De Conjugio (Whitehead) n. 1

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1. THE REPRESENTATION OF CONJUGIAL LOVE BY MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Love truly conjugial is represented in heaven by various things. It is represented by adamantine auras; sparkling as if from rubies and carbuncles; also by most beautiful rainbows and golden rains, which, when they are beheld, fill the bystanders with such pleasurableness and such delights, that they affect the inmosts of the mind. I have heard the angels, when conjugial love was so represented in the paradises of heaven, say that they were filled with such delight, that they could not express it otherwise than that it was delight itself, from which, as from their origin, all the rest of delights arise; and this delight was said to be a pure delight of the mind without any excitation of lust, for such is conjugial love in its origin.

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