Divine Providence (Dick and Pulsford) n. 90

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90. It is said that man can be so far reformed and regenerated as he can be led by means of these two faculties to acknowledge that everything good and true that he thinks and does is from the Lord, and not from himself. It is only by means of these two faculties that man can acknowledge this, because they are from the Lord and are the Lord's in man, as is clear from what has been said above. It therefore follows that man cannot make this acknowledgment from himself, but from the Lord. Nevertheless he can do so as if it were from himself; for this the Lord grants to everyone. It may be that he believes this to be from himself; and yet in his wise moments he will acknowledge that it is not from himself. Otherwise, the truth that he thinks and the good that he does are not truth and good in themselves, for man is in them and not the Lord; and the good which has man in it, if it has salvation as its end, is meritorious good; but the good which has the Lord in it is not meritorious.

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