Divine Providence (Dick and Pulsford) n. 85

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85. * Man is reformed and regenerated by means of these two faculties, called rationality and liberty, and he cannot be reformed and regenerated without them; because it is by means of rationality that he can understand and know what is evil and what is good, and it is by means of liberty that he can will what he understands and knows. As long, however, as delight from the love of evil rules he cannot will freely what is good and what is true and make these principles of his reason and so appropriate them to himself. For, as was shown above, such things as a man does from freedom according to reason are appropriated to him as his own; and unless they are appropriated as his own, man is not reformed and regenerated. Again, man first acts from the delight of the love of goodness and truth when the delight of the love of evil and falsity has been removed, for two kinds of love's delight which are opposite to each other cannot exist together at the same time. To act from the delight of love is to act from freedom; and because reason favours the love, it is also to act according to reason. * This number follows 83, as in Original Edition.

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