Divine Providence (Dick and Pulsford) n. 58

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58. The Divine Providence regards what is infinite and eternal from itself especially in saving the human race, because the Divine Providence has for its end a heaven from the human race, as was shown above (n. 27*-45); and because this is the end it follows that the reformation and the regeneration of man, thus his salvation, is what the Divine Providence especially regards; for heaven exists from those who have been saved or regenerated. Since to regenerate man is to unite good and truth in him, or love and wisdom, as they are united in the Divine which proceeds from the Lord, therefore the Divine Providence especially regards this in saving the human race; and the image of the Infinite and Eternal exists in man Only in the marriage of good and truth. That the Divine Proceeding effects this marriage in the human race is well known from those who, being filled with the Divine Proceeding, which is called the Holy Spirit, have prophesied, of whom mention is made in the Word; and from those who, being enlightened, see Divine truths in the light of heaven. This is especially the case in angels, who sensibly perceive presence, influx and conjunction; but these angels also recognise that the conjunction is only what may be called adjunction. * Original Edition has "37."

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