Divine Providence (Dick and Pulsford) n. 323

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323. I. THE END OF CREATION IS A HEAVEN FROM THE HUMAN RACE. That heaven consists solely of those who have been born men is shown in the work HEAVEN AND HELL, published in London in the year 1758, and also above; and as heaven consists of no others it follows that the end of creation is a heaven from the human race. That this was the end of creation was indeed shown above (n. 27-45); but it will be seen still more clearly from an explanation of the following points:

1. Every man is created that he may live for ever. 2. Every man is created that he may live for ever in a state of happiness. 3. Thus every man is created that he may enter heaven. 4. The Divine Love cannot do otherwise than desire this, and the Divine Wisdom cannot do otherwise than provide for it.

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