Divine Providence (Dick and Pulsford) n. 135

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135. Nevertheless, conversation with spirits, though rarely with angels of heaven, is allowed and has been granted to many for ages back. When it is granted the spirits speak with man in his native tongue, but only a few words. Those, however, who speak by permission of the Lord say nothing whatever that takes away the freedom of the reason, nor do they teach; for the Lord alone teaches man, though mediately by means of the Word when he is in a state of enlightenment; but about this something will be said in following numbers. It has been granted me by my own experience to know that this is the case. I have had conversation with spirits and angels for many years now; and no spirit has dared, nor has any angel wished, to tell me anything, still less to instruct me, about what is in the Word, or about any matter of doctrine from the Word. I have been taught by the Lord alone, who was revealed to me, and who has since constantly appeared before my eyes as the Sun in which He is; and He appears in the same way as He appears to the angels, and He has enlightened me.

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