Spiritual Experiences Minor (Buss) n. 4545

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4545. (CONCERNING ORDER, AS FAR AS CONSCIENCE IS CONCERNED. The first plane is the inmost of the rational, and pertains to perception; thus to love to the Lord; consequently, to good and the truth of good. The second plane is the middle of the rational, and pertains to the conscience of good and truth, thus to piety, and is of the Church and the Lord's kingdom. The third plane pertains to the conscience of justice and right; thus to employment in civil life, consequently to society and the common good: it belongs to the inferior rational. The fourth plane pertains to propriety and decorum; thus to interaction; consequently, [to the relations] amongst friends and acquaintances: it belongs to the corporeal faculty. These planes can be conjoined, and the interior inflow into the exterior; and, then, the last plane, namely, that of propriety and decorum, is good, because it inflows from a good origin.

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