Canons (Mongredien and Coulson) n. 0

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1. The Unity of God 2. The Essence and Existence of God 3. The Infinity of God 4. The Creation of the Universe by God 5. The Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom. 6. Creation from both the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom 7. The End of Creation which is a Heaven of Angels 8. Omnipotence; Omniscience; Omnipresence


9. In God is Love and Wisdom, or Divine Good and Divine Truth 10. He descended in respect of the Divine Truth 11. That Truth is the Word 12. What the Holy Spirit, and the Power of the Highest are 13. The Human of the Lord is the Son of God 14. The Lord's state of Exinanition while in the world 15. The Uniting of Divine Truth and Good in the Human 16. After uniting them, He returned to the Father 17. He glorified Himself successively 18. The Union is like that of Soul and Body


19. A Church declines successively from good to evil 20. The end of a Church is whenever the power of evil and hell prevails over good and heaven 21. Similarly there is a departure from what is internal to what is external 22. The description in the Word of the end and of the progression 23. A total damnation is then imminent 24. The Lord redeemed men and angels 25. The temptations of the Lord, the Christ 26. Redemption can be effected only by God Incarnate


27. The Holy Spirit is the Divine proceeding 28. It proceeds from God by means of the Human 29. It passes into the world through heaven 30. And after that, to men by means of men 31. The Holy Spirit is the Word 32. Its Operation is Instruction, Reformation, etc.** 33. God is recognized from Divine Truth** 34. What is meant by a man's spirit**


35. There is a Divine Trinity 36. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are the three essentials of the One God 37. Before the world was created, the Trinity did not exist 38. The Trinity, after the world was created, came into existence in Jesus Christ 39. This Trinity is derivable from the Word as well as from the Apostles' Creed, but not from the Nicene Creed 40. Discordant ideas derived from the Nicene Trinity** 41. This Trinity has perverted the Church 42. It has also falsified the Word 43. Thence there is the "affliction" and desolation foretold by the Lord 44. There cannot be any salvation unless a new Church is established by the Lord 45. The Trinity is in the Lord the Saviour, wherefore He Alone is to be approached that there may be salvation, or eternal life

* Sk. has "Index of General Subjects or the Christian Religion". ** Chapter is missing from the text.

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