Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 343

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343. That the aforementioned hells not only communicate but also are conjoined with such phenomena on earth can be concluded from the fact that the hells are not apart from people but surround them, being indeed in people who are evil, so that they are in contact with the earth. For in respect to his affections and lusts and consequent thoughts, and springing from these his actions, which are good or evil forms of use, a person is either in the midst of angels of heaven or in the midst of spirits of hell. And because the same phenomena found on earth are found also in the heavens and hells, it follows that an influx from there immediately produces these phenomena whenever the conditions are favorable. Indeed, all phenomena appearing in the spiritual world, either in heaven or in hell, are correspondent forms of affections or lusts, for they exist there in accordance with them. Consequently, when affections or lusts, which in themselves are spiritual, meet homogeneous or corresponding conditions on earth, present is a spiritual component which provides a soul, and a material component which provides a body. Everything spiritual also has in it an endeavor to clothe itself with a body. The hells surround mankind and so are in contact with the earth for the reason that the spiritual world does not exist in space, but is present wherever there is a corresponding affection.

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