Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 336

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336. Evil forms of use were not created by the Lord, but arose together with hell. We call all good endeavors having actual expression forms of use, and we also call all evil endeavors having actual expression forms of use; but the latter we call evil forms of use, and the first, good forms of use. Now because all good endeavors come from the Lord, and all evil endeavors from hell, it follows that the Lord created only good forms of use, and that evil forms of use arose from hell. By the forms of use that we are considering specifically in the present discussion we mean all forms that appear on the earth, such as animals of every kind and plants of every kind. All of these that are useful to mankind come from the Lord, and those which are harmful to mankind come from hell. By forms of use from the Lord we mean likewise all matters that perfect a person's rational faculty, and which enable the person to receive a spiritual character from the Lord. Conversely, by evil forms of use we mean all matters that destroy the rational faculty, and which render a person incapable of becoming spiritual. We call things that are harmful to mankind forms of use because they are of use to evil people in doing evil, and for the reason also that they are helpful for absorbing malignancies, and so also as remedies. We use the term "use" in both senses, like the term "love," as referring to a good love or an evil love; and love calls everything that it does useful.

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