Last Judgment (Cont.) (Chadwick) n. 11

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11. (iii) Before the Last Judgment was carried out on them, much of the communication between heaven and the world, and so between the Lord and the church, was blocked. All of a person's enlightenment is from the Lord by way of heaven, and it comes in by an internal route. So long as there were groups of such people between heaven and the world, or between the Lord and the church, people could not be enlightened. It was as when the sun's rays are blocked by a dark intervening cloud; or when the sun goes into eclipse by the interposition of the moon and its light is blocked. If therefore any revelation had been made by the Lord, either it would not have been understood, or, if it was understood, it would still not have been accepted, or, if it was accepted, it would still afterwards have been choked. Now, since all these interposed groups were scattered by the Last Judgment, it is clear that (iv) communication was restored between heaven and the world or between the Lord and the church.

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