Spiritual Experiences (Odhner) n. 224

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224. All evil, even accidental, comes from hell

From things that have been said, it is already clear that all evils, even accidental ones that the hellish demons are not aware of, nevertheless break forth from them. For the innermost and very inward Heaven, acting as means or intermediaries, dispose and administer those things which are foreseen and provided by God the Messiah. Now because they dispose and administer the things conducive to the salvation of the human race so foreseen and provided, therefore with people on earth who trust in themselves, these are turned immediately into evils, even accidental ones. So there is not even the very smallest evil thing that happens to a person, that does not originate from hell. I have spoken several times about these matters with demons of the inward heaven, and sometimes they would say that a thing could not have happened, because they were unaware of it, and at other times they so obviously did things they could not deny, that they openly admitted having done them. 1747, the 27th day of October (old calendar).

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