Spiritual Experiences (Odhner) n. 1647

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1647. The things which I have learned from symbolic displays, visions, and conversations with spirits and angels, are only from the Lord

Whenever there was a symbolic display, vision and conversation, I was kept reflecting upon them inwardly and more inwardly to see what useful and good purpose [they could serve], thus what I was learning from them. Those who were presenting the displays and visions, and those who were speaking, were not paying much attention to my reflection, and in fact, they were sometimes indignant when they realized that I was reflecting. So consequently, I was taught by no spirit, neither by any angel, but by the Lord Alone, from Whom is all truth and goodness. Indeed, when they tried to teach me about various matters, it was hardly anything but falsity, so it was forbidden me to believe anything they were saying. Nor was it allowed for me to bring in any such thing that was their own. Moreover, when they tried to convince me of it, I felt an inward and more inward conviction of how the matter stood, not as they were maintaining, which also surprised them. My perception was clear, but it cannot easily be described so as to be grasped by people on earth. 1748, 22 March.

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